Who is Murphy's Law, LLC?

Murphy's Law, LLC is a law practice which represents individuals and small businesses across Ohio. The firm was founded by C. Timothy Murphy III and its primary practice areas are real estate, business law, and tax. Tim Murphy is also knowledgeable in many other areas of the law. If he cannot help you then he will put you in contact with someone that can.  Please email or call to schedule a consultation from Tim Murphy. 

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Real Estate

Real estate is a significant asset whether you own own your own home, investment property, or both. Murphy's Law, LLC advises and represents real estate investors, landlords, property managers, and homeowners on legal issues related to their interest in real property. 

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Business Law

Many legal and tax related issues can impact your business. Murphy's Law, LLC can counsel you with legal advice that is specifically tailored to your business's unique set of circumstances. 

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Taxes are a fact of life, but there's no reason that you should pay more tax than required. Murphy's Law, LLC advises individuals and businesses in tax planning, structuring taxable transactions, and tax controversies. 

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General Practice

Murphy's Law, LLC can assist you with legal matters in many other areas of law too. Please contact the firm for a free initial consultation to find out more. If Tim Murphy cannot help you with your issue then he will put you in contact with someone that can.

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